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The Fault in Our People

As you all know the popular book/movie by the wonderful John Greene: A Fault in Our Stars … When I finished reading this book, I was so inspired. I could not wait to write what was on my mind. Now, I can share my not so great writing skills with you all 🙂 Enjoy.

The fault isn’t in our starts, it’s in our people

Our generation has changed…our minds won’t think deeper

We are all imperfect.. all failures

But the fault isn’t in our stars it’s in our people

We have such high standards, so much competition

Everyday, what we say it’s a new audition

We had to impress the biggest and the best

Our minds are distraught they’re never put to rest

We envy each other and hate ourselves

Because we take the worlds view of perfection and put it on us

And then we wonder why we don’t fit in…why our thoughts are unjust

We need to reevaluate, we need our minds to go deeper

Because the fault isn’t in our stars..it’s in our people