The Girl

The girl, whose always confident in who she is. She never asked God why her fairytale hasn’t happened yet-or better yet why her fairytale ended so soon. She understood no one had the right to ask God those things, but she is also naïve and not perfect. She is anxious and shy-though those are words no one would describe her as. She wanted someone stable and smart-though again, words people would not describe her soul mate as. She had dreams of curling up with a strong guy, drinking coffee and talking about the crazy things running through their minds. She wanted him to want to know every thing running through her mind. She wanted him to watch her while she sat there and thought, and have that look, while he smiles; thinking in his head how he loves everything she does. She wanted him to say those mushy things, that she for so long despised, at random times and make her smile. She longed for a guy who didn’t abuse her body, but who didn’t make her feel unwanted. She wanted him to cherish her, to get her to become unchained from her insecurities. She did not want a guy to complete her; she wanted to meet a guy that made her so secure she felt completed-alone.


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